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Our Company

The Lita Group of Companies started out in 1991 as a project shipping and special purpose marine vessels contractor. Over the past 30 years its entrepreneurial team has evolved into an integrated commodity trading group of professionals, built on an extensive network of shipowners, suppliers and end-users.

The group strive to serve and value-add to our customers in the major hubs of Asia and the Pacific Regions with a diversified trading portfolio of oil products, commodities and shipping solutions through progressive strategies while embracing collaborative work culture and ethical best practices.

Our Commitment

The Lita Group of Companies is committed to operating its business in a reliable, ethical and responsible manner.

We will always endeavour to comply with applicable domestic and international laws & regulations and to meet our own code of conduct and standards of practice.

We value of employees and various stakeholders by ensuring a healthy and safe working environment based on integrity, inclusivity and mutual respect.

We engage with our customers, partners and various stakeholders in a clear, accurate and objective manner in the conduct of our business activities.

We strive to be an exemplary corporate citizen in the refined oil products & commodities trading sphere through a rigorous approach to risk management of our operations and a dedication to corporate governance & social responsibility.

We encourage and develop a continual improvement culture in our approach to our business processes and compliance programs: monitoring, evaluating, identifying and enhancing our performance metrics to provide the best value-added services to our partners and customers.

We believe our business practices and policies should be sustainable, building on our experience and leveraging our expertise. They are integral to our business strategy and embedded in our day-to-day operations so that we can develop a more responsible business.